On 10th May 1608, a group of Separatists began their escape from Gainsborough’s riverside up the River Trent to Immingham and then on to Amsterdam. The Pilgrims lived in Holland for twelve years before some of them then made their journey to America.

To mark this historic date, West Lindsey District Council has launched PilgrimAGE – a digital campaign that will allow you to explore the history of the Pilgrims and their roots. The campaign will run throughout the summer, leading up to the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower in September and will include historical blogs, snapshots of exhibitions as well as videos, podcasts and specially commissioned digital activities.

To follow the PilgrimAGE campaign, like Discover Gainsborough and Pilgrim Roots on Facebook or follow @DiscoverGains and @PilgrimRoots on Twitter. Be part of the conversation and post your images, comments and thoughts about the story using #PilgrimAGE.

We will also be creating interesting blogs on a range of Pilgrim related subjects. Take a look below at what we’ve published so far:

10 May     Welcome to PilgrimAGE

16 May     WATCH: The Story of the Mayflower II

17 May     Separatists

20 May     An Act of Kindness Goes a Long Way

22 May     New ‘Radical Routes’ online edition reflects on Pilgrim anniversary

24 May     Persecution

27 May     Separatists in the Pilgrim Roots Region – William Brewster

27 May     WATCH: The Story of the Mayflower II – Part 2

31 May     Faith

7 June     Tolerance

14 June     Secrecy

21 June     Escape #1

28 June     Arrest

3 July     Separatists in the Pilgrim Roots Region – John Robinson

5 July     Escape #2

6 July     Schools’ Pilgrim Exhibition at Gainsborough Old Hall

12 July     Separation

19 July     Reunited

20 July     Virtual Reality Allows Audiences to experience the story of the Mayflower Voyage and its contemporary parallels

25 July     WATCH: MBD launch virtual reality experience – Mayflower Reflections

26 July     Immigrants

2 August     Sedition

9 August     Debates

16 August     Pilgrims

19 August     WATCH: The Chronicles of the Mayflower Pilgrims – as told by Ratty!

23 August     Ships

30 August     Departure

31 August     Greg Jenner’s ‘You’re Dead To Me’ podcast – The Mayflower

6 September     Servitude

13 September     Voyage

15 September     TV Historian Dan Snow Commemorates the 400th Anniversary of the Sailing of the Mayflower

20 September     Compact