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Schools’ Pilgrim Exhibition at Gainsborough Old Hall

Schools from across West Lindsey and North Nottinghamshire were invited to participate in Gainsborough Old Hall’s Schools’ Pilgrim Exhibition, which was due to open to the public in April earlier this year.

Unfortunately the Old Hall is currently closed to the public, so we wanted to be able to make it possible for you to see all the hard work our local schools have put into the exhibition. We’re also hoping that the children’s work will be available to view when the Old Hall does reopen. We have been working with the Old Hall and are thankful to them for allowing us safe access so that we could take pictures of this wonderful exhibition for you to see at home.

Students were invited to create pieces inspired by the Mayflower story. They could be as creative as they’d like and could create 2D or 3D pieces of art for the exhibition.

We were delighted that six schools participated in this exhibition, ranging from year 1 to 6. On behalf of Gainsborough Old Hall and West Lindsey District Council, we would like to thank all the students who took part and hope they have learned more about the Mayflower story and how important it is to our area.

Take a look at the exhibition below:

Beckingham Primary School

Bracken Lane Primary Academy

Frances Olive Anderson Church of England Primary School

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Misterton Primary School

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Scotter Primary School

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Warren Wood Specialist Academy

For more information about the Mayflower story, visit our Pilgrim Roots page. For more information about Gainsborough Old Hall visit www.gainsborougholdhall.com. You can also follow our PilgrimAGE series by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.