Radical Routes

Radical Routes is an online newspaper that takes a close look at the Mayflower story, its myths and legends, and aspects that may have been over-looked or need reinterpretation to include previously hidden history.

Originally planned as a newspaper-style publication, due to challenges arising from the current coronavirus crisis, ‘Radical Routes’ has now been produced in an online format so it can be shared widely across Lincolnshire and further afield.

Summer 2021 Edition

For the last edition of Radical Routes, after focusing on journeys and what they mean and where they take us, we’ve chosen to stay at home in the places where land and sea meet.

Autumn 2020 Edition

The second edition of Radical Routes is now available!

Our thoughts have been hugely affected by Covid-19, and by the social inequalities highlighted by the Black Lives Matter movement. They have made us question assumptions about communities and how they function. In a way this brings us back to the heart of the Pilgrim story – to belonging, or not belonging.

Spring 2020 Edition

Read our first edition of Radical Routes which focusses the theme ‘Journeys’ and how the Pilgrims’ story still resonates today.

Radical Routes is produced by Writing East Midlands on behalf of West Lindsey District Council, the University of Lincoln’s Transported programme, which brings arts to people in Boston Borough and South Holland, and Bassetlaw’s ‘The Few to the Many’ project, as an arts-led response to the region’s role in the Pilgrims’ heritage story.