• Historical image of the market place by Jane Stark. Included in the teacher pack.

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Gainsborough Through Time and Change
About this topic pack…

Gainsborough’s Townscape Heritage Initiative designed these five-lesson teacher packs with input from a local teaching professional, to enable Primary schools in the area to conduct a local study of the historic development of Gainsborough as a market town. These teacher packs contains historic photographs kindly provided by Gainsborough Heritage Centre, who have many resources to support this topic.

It provides learning outcomes for the history, geography, and English areas of the Primary curriculum at Key Stage 2.

A teaching plan accompanies each lesson and a wealth of teaching resources including maps, historic photographs, worksheets, a guided walk, and presentations.

Expected outcomes for pupils include:
  • A better understanding of the town as it is now.
  • A pride in the town and its history.
  • Improved map-reading skills and ability to compare and interpret historic maps.
  • Improved understanding of chronology and recent history.
  • Improved ability to analyse, research and present information.
  • An awareness of schemes like Gainsborough’s Townscape Heritage Initiative and how heritage regeneration can improve the local economy.

The entire topic pack is available to download below. Just click on each lesson to find out more.

Teacher packs: Lesson 1 Comparing Maps     Teacher Packs: Lesson 2 Self-guided Walk     Teacher Packs: Lesson 3 Research your Building

Teacher Packs: Lesson 4 Draw Your Building     Teacher Packs: Lesson 5 Restoring Your Building     Teacher Packs: Printing Notes

This topic pack was produced by West Lindsey District Council as part of the Townscape Heritage Initiative, which is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and UK Government Levelling Up Fund. We would like to thank all players of the National Lottery.

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