Fresh Air & Green Spaces in Gainsborough and the Wolds

Green spaces

Who would’ve thought, Lincolnshire’s recently been one of the Hottest Places In The World? (Hotter than LA… talk about staycation!). So what better time to stretch your legs and reconnect with nature?

Here in Gainsborough and the surrounding area, we are blessed with a great number of beloved woodlands and green spaces. So we’ve picked some of the most scenic woodland walks that take you through the quiet countryside. Where you may not hear anything but the gentle rustle of leaves that blow in the wind and the noises of resident wildlife in the area!

So, take your time to enjoy everything that North Lincolnshire has to offer.

  1. Riverside Walk

Love trying something new? Discover the new extension to Gainsborough’s Riverside walk. Fit for everyone, from ramblers to cyclists you can take it at any pace you desire.

Better yet! There’s no way to get lost as it’s one long beautiful path. To be precise it’s 1.7 miles of a pathway that stretches between the Historic Trent Bridge and the quaint village of Morton.

There are lots of mouth-wateringly great places to eat along the way too! Stonehouse Pizza & Carvery In Gainsborough and The Ship Inn Morton both have fantastic beer gardens… so whichever way you go along the waterway you can end up with a beautiful resting place! If you needed any motivation to get up and out, then surely this is the best kind!

If you fancy taking a wander down on a Sunday too, they both do a cracking roast!

  1. Heritage Trail

If you’ve ever wanted to look at what’s behind the architecture, statues, and scenery around you, this self-guided tour is perfect. After picking up the map guide from the library, or downloading it from, you can discover the history behind this ancient market town’s famous attractions! From their famous grand manor house; Gainsborough Old Hall to Lord Street, immerse yourself in your surroundings and take a step back in time as you walk alongside the Mayflower Pilgrims, Sailors, Queens, and more that resided here. With stories dating back to the 15th century, you’re sure to not run out of history to discover.

And the best bit? Whenever you want a rest, you’re never too far away from a café to refresh and reflect.

  1. Owlet Woods

An idyllic part of the countryside, in the summer, Owlet woods is a self-grown birch woodland that flourishes with all kinds of butterflies, from purple hairstreaks to small coppers you’ll be surrounded by the best insects Britain has to offer. Not into insects? An astounding 94 different types of bird species, foxes, and badgers have been recorded in these woods… you may even have the chance of spotting an adder snake!

With a circular all-ability path and car park Owlet woods is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. So don’t forget to bring the binoculars!

  1. Scotton Common

A rambler’s dream! Prepare to lose yourself in 40 acres of vast heathland and moorlands that make up the low-lying tract of Scotton Common. These rich wavy grass and plant fields will take you down a mixture of mown and unsurfaced paths, so it’s suitable for those looking for a bit of an adventure! With the area having been protected since the late 80’s it has thrived and become home to Lizards, Mining Bees, a thriving population of Emperor Moths (One of the biggest types of moths!), and more. So no wonder it’s a site of special scientific interest! With the best time to visit being April to August, it’s now the perfect time to go and explore!

In order to protect and preserve this special  nature reserve, please note that this area is not suitable for dogs.

  1. Mill Wood

Want to get your children interacting with nature in a safe environment?  Mill Wood is a small woodland that’s been well-loved by local children. With parking nearby, this broadleaved woodland is a great place to stop and let them blow off steam and let imaginations fly!

Beyond Gainsborough…
  1. Tuetoes Woods

Nature lovers! You don’t need a day at the spa here. Tuetoes Woods is the perfect escape. These relaxing remote woods provide those rare moments of tranquillity that can recharge your batteries. With rare plants that delight the senses to herons and nightjars, you’ll be in a British paradise.

Please note access is not permitted in Laughton Forest.

  1. Willingham Woods

Have a few furry friends? Willingham woods is one walking trail the woofs are sure to love. It’s a winding trail surrounded by a large complex of pinewoods that’s a known favourite by mountain bikers and horse riders alike.  Not only that! They provide orienteering training for those who wish to dabble in map reading. Or if you want to get stuck in straight away there’s an online map you can download from Humberside and Lincolnshire Orienteering (HALO).

Perfect for a day out too why not bring a pack up to enjoy the Picnic area they have provided for you? With a Large Car Park and toilets, it’s a great first stop on your way to Gainsborough.

  1. Lincolnshire Wolds AONB

If you want to enjoy truly wide-open spaces, you need to look no further than the stunning Lincolnshire Wolds AONB. Arguably one of England’s most beautiful countryside’s, it’s home to rolling hills that stretch on and on. Protected since 1949 it was decided that the vastness was and still is so breath-taking that it should be protected for future generations to enjoy, that’s us!

The area is so vast that there is a trail for everyone from short to long and hilly to flat Grab a rucksack, fill it with the essentials and take yourself along one of the many paths to uncover all the beauty our county has to offer.

You can find more information about the paths here:

If you are planning to enjoy Gainsborough’s and Lincolnshire’s green spaces, please help maintain the beauty of beautiful places by disposing of your rubbish properly, or taking it home with you.

We’d also like to mention being safe in warm weather and taking time to rest, re-hydrate, and look after your furry friends by keeping them safe, out of the heat and only taking them in appropriate areas.

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