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E Magazine: Radical Routes – The Mayflower Story (opens in a new window)

Radical Routes is an online newspaper that takes a close look at the Mayflower story, its myths and legends, and aspects that may have been over-looked or need reinterpretation to include previously hidden history.


Illuminate 2021 Toolkit (opens in a new window)

Join in with Illuminate Gainsborough 2021 and make your own candle using our easy to use toolkit.

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West Lindsey Aviation Heritage Guide (opens in a new window)

Explore the area’s aviation heritage with the West Lindsey Aviation Heritage guide locating active RAF stations and former airfield sites.


The Pilgrims Trail (opens in a new window)

Explore the keys sites across the Pilgrim Roots region associated with the Separatists’ story.

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The Story of Mayflower II – Part One (opens in a new window)

The story of the post WWII idea to construct and sail a replica of the ship, Mayflower.


The Story of Mayflower II – Part Two (opens in a new window)

A tour of the exhibition on the reconstruction of the ship, Mayflower.


Mayflower Reflections: A 360°/ VR Animated Short Film (opens in a new window)

Mayflower Reflections explores the momentous story of the Mayflower voyage of 1620 and it’s contemporary parallels.
Through the use of 360° video and VR, Mayflower Reflections takes you on a journey from the English churches of the 1600s to the deck of the Mayflower ship and the early settlements of the Plymouth Colony.


Chronicles of the Mayfower Pilgrims as told by Ratty! (opens in a new window)

A short film for children: Join us on an adventure from Lincolnshire to America and find out what it was really like on board the Mayflower!


Podcast: You’re Dead To Me – The Mayflower (opens in a new window)

Greg Jenner is joined by historian Dr Misha Ewen and comedian Alex Edelman to take a trip back in time and across the Atlantic with the passengers of Mayflower.


Podcast: Dan Snow’s History Hit – Mayflower 400 (opens in a new window)

Dan Snow is joined on his podcast by a series of historians, writers and storytellers, to talk about the 400th anniversary of the journey of the Mayflower.
Travelling from Southern England to North America in September 1620, they discuss why the settlers left, and they examine the contested legacy of the Mayflower for the descendants of North American communities.